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electrolux processor ekm4300 reviews

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electrolux processor ekm4300 reviews

I am considering purchasing this Electrolux model to replace the KA 5qt I've had for almost 30 years but which now seems to be withstanding all my efforts to complete what should have been a simple repair.  I have had an Electrolux DLX for many years.  I love it, but need a machine for smaller recipes.  If you've something to say about your experience with the EKM4300, and especially if you can compare it through experience with the Kitchenaid devices, please tell me.

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David R

This looks like it is the same machine (or at least highly similar - same appearance, probably same factory etc) as is being sold under the AEG brand, and maybe other brands too. I'm guessing that it is not built in Sweden.

As far as I can tell, it copies the KitchenAid basic design, and may even fit the same attachments. If I'm right about that, then there are just three questions: 

  1. Quality compared to KA. 
  2. Price compared to KA.
  3. Most important question: Do you actually want the KA design (I mean, that general type of mixer - no matter what name is on it).

If you're sure you want the KA type of design, then it would be just the quality and price. If I'm wrong and this is a different kind of machine, then it's not so simple.