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Walnut-Raisin sourdough bread

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Walnut-Raisin sourdough bread

I baked the Pain De Camapgne from Daniel Leader's amazing book, Local Breads. I added walnuts and raisins to it. It came out delicious. Here's yet another recommendation for this book.

Anyhow, here are some pics:

Raisin Walnut Sourdough BreadRaisin Walnut Sourdough Bread


For some reason I cannot upload a picture of the crumb. A picture, and more info, in my blog:


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hey, I scanned through your blog entries.  WOW - everything looks so delicious and you're so creative!  You also must eat A LOT of bread!

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Actually, most of the bread goes to friends, neighbors, and co-workers...  One can only eat so much bread...

Am I the only one who enjoys the baking much more than the eating of bread? 

My bread blog:

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sigh, not me - I love both!!! 

I would love to give away bread, but some of my friends, while not on low carb diets, have let the philosophy permeate their thinking.  Therefore, bread is a "side" and is the first thing to go when they're feeling out of shape.  (insert rolling eyes)  When I give them some, they absolutely devour it, but I always have to be wary of who's on a fast/cleans/diet/elimination diet, or who has developed a temporary "allergy."

 Actually, the worst is my sister who has a breadmaker.  Every single time we have a get together, she brings the host a loaf of plain white bread, which she somehow thinks is a tribute to my mother.  Their freezers are full of it - this low-carb thing has really made people reluctant to eat plain white.  Esp.  a tasteless loaf one made in a breadmaker on a quick cycle.  The silliest thing is that she doesn't eat it herself - she doesn't like white bread - but she makes and gives away 2 or 3 loaves a day.  For the last 2 years.  No kidding.  No one, no one, eats it, but what's the point in giving them more bread?

 Whoa!  End of rant....

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That loaf looks great. I like raisin and walnut bread and haven't gotten around to it in a while. This will be the recipe to reference when the time comes. Thanks for posting such a good example and reminding me of walnuts and raisins.

I give away more than I eat, too. Especially if I'm testing out a new idea, the volume of baking is well beyond our ability to consume the results at home, even if stored away in the freezer. I constantly give bread away to clear the way for the next bake.


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You did so good.  That's a classy looking loaf of Pain de Compagne and the raisins and walnuts sound like a very interesting addition.  I just received Daniel Leader's LOCAL BREADS from Amazon and now I know which bread I'm going to bake this weekend.  Thanks for your posting.