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Baguettes with poolish

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Baguettes with poolish

Very happy with the shaping and scoring today.  Crumb was good and full of flavour.  Hamelman's baguettes with poolish.

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Congratulations! They must be delicious, too!


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Those look fantastic! 

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Those look perfect and just ready to bite in! I have parked baguettes for now and perfecting my shaping for bread before I go into this area again...You mastered those beautifully and must taste great too... Kat

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baguette is a thing of beauty.  And you've got it.  I notice that you were posting way back in 2008.  Have you been baking all along?

Just lovely!

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alfanso, Thanks for your remarks. It's taken quite a few attempts to get both the shaping and scoring to work in the same bake :). I was posting over ten years ago, but I've been baking on and off as work commitments allowed.  It was here that I got my knowledge and demystified sourdough all those years ago, thanks to Debra Wink.  I'm retired now and baking more often.  I've now got the time to sharpen my skills, hence my current interest in baguettes which up until now had eluded me.



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Edo Bread

Very nice!

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Gotta love those baguettes.  They look perfect.

And, if I had only one bread book to keep it'd be Hamelman's hands down.


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Well done!


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Gorgeous baguettes!

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Anne-Marie B

They look perfect. Enjoy!