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Brands of diastatic malt powder

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Brands of diastatic malt powder

I'm about to finish my first bag of diastatic malt powder (a year old, in the freezer).  I have to order more, and wondered if brand matters.  This was Barry Farms, but I see others available.  Also, is freezer or fridge storage best?  Thanks!

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Hi. I use and absolutely love Breadtopia's brand. It's organic and as a result RoundUp free. It's also quite flavorful. You can buy it from Amazon if you need it in a rush. Also, you can go directly to Breadtopia's site to buy it. I believe it was cheaper I bulk, but you will have to pay shipping under a certain amount.

You might consider, depending on your needs, King Arthur flour. Their Organic AP flour includes malt in the flour blend.