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sourdough pancakes

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sourdough pancakes

I have been trying to locate the pancake recipe that I copied down recently and used this morning. My grandaughters were here overnight and now expect pancakes as part of the deal. I set the starter, flour and water on the counter overnight, then discarded 1/2 cup and added the rest of the ingredients.I ended up with crepe batter! It started out thick enough but by the time everything was mixed in it was way too liquid. The girls didn't seem to mind and ate a goodly quantity ( and they are both petite, no fair!) but I wonder what went wrong? Wish I could remember who posted the recipe so that I could ask for help. The good news is that the Almost No Knead bread was a hit for supper along with Bangers and Mash. Of course the fact that Nana lets them spread the butter more thickly than the parents do might have helped, A.


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I seem to always go back to PR's "Crust and Crumb" recipe for sourdough pancakes. He uses the starter/flour/water overnight but also adds milk. It seems to do okay but has anyone else tried this way? My pancakes do well and taste nicely sour (even with maple syrup!)  Anet

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I used Reinhart's recipe almost exclusively -- to the point where it's now *my* recipe -- with a couple of important additions when I'm finishing the batter: first, I add about 1 tsp of vanilla extract, and secondly, about 2T of sugar. Also, I have no problem with adding additional milk if I want it thinner. This is really a no brainer!


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 Stan, in comparison, I like Reinhart's pancakes for the lasting sourness taste but the other recipe for better consistency, a little more 'umph' to the batter. So, next time I'll mix-and-match and try your additions of vanilla (yum) and a bit of sugar, or I still like the honey if I use a bit of whole wheat flour.  We all tend to tweak, I think!   Anet

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The only time I made sourdough pancakes I used the recipe at the following link.  A great website by the way.  The pancakes turned out great, really great.  The batter was actually a little thick, I might even try it thinner next time. Take a look and see what you think.

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This link was dead (four years is a long time on the internet) but here's the page's apparent new location:

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rainbowbrown -- I did go to your <> website and only this last weekend did I try these good pancakes. I was visiting friends some 8 hours away and took some leftover sourdough starter along in a cooler. After arriving took it out and it finished doubling gradually; then fed it again at 8 PM and let it sit overnight in the cool 62-64F house. By 9 AM it worked out very well for the recipe, though the batter was thick as you mentioned.  Thanks.   Anet