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Poolish Ripeness

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Christopher Barreto

Poolish Ripeness

 I've been attempting to perform a Whole Wheat Poolish involving:

250g King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour

325g 2% fat milk

15g Honey for the yeast activation

60g Water.

A pinch of yeast????

I couldn't determine the mass of yeast since my scale wasn't sensitive enough below 2 grams. I let it sit in a 42 Fahrenheit fridge overnight for 8 hours and then relied on one hour intervals between 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the kitchen counter and refrigeration. This is so far how the poolish looks like.

I tried giving it a very small taste and smell. I notice a somewhat sweet smell and an extremely light tang. Is it ready for use?

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Abe (not verified)

A nice aroma that hasn't turned into an alcoholic smell, bubbly with good gluten formation.

You don't wish to over do it to the point of over fermented and too degraded.