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Countertop ovens

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Countertop ovens

Please advise I would like to obtain a countertop oven for breads.  Any suggestions?



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You mean a full-featured countertop oven that can bake full-sized hearth breads?  Fit a 14" batard and go to 250 °C.  In the US?  Many of us would want that, but the pickings are slim.   Pleasant Hill Grains sells Rofcos, ugly as hell, and a European import with a Teutonic-sounding name that escapes me at the moment and $4000 price tag, and that's about it.

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David R

There are a lot of smaller less-expensive countertop ovens, but all of those introduce some compromises. (The two already mentioned are probably the closest to no-compromise solutions.)

A few of the smaller "compromise models" (if I can call them that) have unofficial but enthusiastic "internet fan clubs" of people who like the little ovens and who have learned their quirks - maybe you can find some of those people discussing how bread turns out for them.

Some seem pretty fancy; others are not much more than a supersize toaster oven.