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I know...another Kitchenaid question

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I know...another Kitchenaid question

Hey all, new user here. I have been snooping for awhile, and finally joined. I have been doing everything by hand, even the "unworkable" wet doughs. Typically, I have been doing 1000g dough or less in a mixing session. I have the oppurtinutiy to buy a KA Professional 5 Plus (450w) that is brand new for $150. I have read the Bosch is truly the best option, but at double the price I can't justify that cost right now. That being said, knowing the limitations of having to use smaller batch sizes, is this reasonable? I won't buy anything smaller than the 450watt such as the artisans or classics I have decided. Thanks for any help. 

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Truth Serum

I have a similar Kitchenaid. if you are doing 1000 grams of less it should be fine.

Just make sure you never mix bread dough  even high hydration doughs at high speed.  Always follow the manual.

On mine it is speed 2. or stir. Yours might be different

It is great for big batches of  butter cookies and I like the pasta attachment and grain grinder.


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Thanks! My intention isn't strictly dough, although that will be the bulk of the work for now. Pasta attachment will certainly be in the future along with a meat grinder. 

I have't definitely seen loads of information about not doing anything with bread dough above speed 2. Also, it might not be the best reason, but parts seem relatively available given worst case scenario. Motors aren't that expensive actually, and gears are cheap. On this model, the description says gears are all steel as well. 

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Try the Nutrimill Artiste! It's priced & sized between the Bosch Compact Mixer & the Bosch Universal. Cost is a modest $249 Very strong, sturdy & powerful!! I have one! It works very well!

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Hey CJ! For $150 you can’t go wrong. You could always sell it later if you wanted. 

Be very cautious if you plan to do whole wheat or large percentages of whole wheat. I never burnt a motor, but I’ve been through 3 sets of gears. I now use an Ankarsrum and haven’t had any problems with anything I mix.


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David R

I believe that's a design intention, that most malfunctions will sacrifice the gears and save the motor. They may be stingy, but they're not stupid. 🙂