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Continuous baking on a Rofco B40

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Continuous baking on a Rofco B40

I'm working on a micro-bakery project, planning to do artisan bread in the U.S. I'm not a pro yet but am enjoying it and making people and palates happy :)

I am seriously considering the Rofco B40 but after reading a lot about it, I haven't found yet a clear answer about how to use it for successful continuous baking. My plan is to bake 12 800gr loafs during each batch. How long should the buffer time be between one batch and the next one? 

I would love if someone who's done something similar before could share exact times and temperatures. 

Grazie mille!   

One of my latest loafs

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I don't turn the temperature down when I load it. So te dials are set to 
avou 220, warm up for about 2 hours, dough goes in, 12 mintes later I open 
the door, remove the silicon sheets, close door, open vents, leave 21-25 
minutes, take bread out, close door, get next batch ready, load oven...

I'm doing 3 loads more or less back to back some days now.

I've had a few emails like yours though - are you turning it down after 
loading? If so, then I think that is only needed for the very small one 
and not the bigger (B40) ones.