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1-2-3 Fourth and Done?

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1-2-3 Fourth and Done?

I think I have finally achieved what I wanted to do for about the three years that I have been sourdoughing. I think I have achieved the oven spring I wanted, and by all means yall be the judge. 

I took the very same recipe that I had for my third attempt with two notable differences. 

  1. I just HAD to use the proofer I bought at DanAyo's suggestion. I want to use it for everything. I want to cook, make yogurt and maybe even incubate some eggs in it. It is wondrous. So I used it for the starter and the first bulk fermentation which shortened it a bit 
  2. I cut the second fermentation to only 8 hours, that's it. Better to spring in my oven than in the fridge no?

So here it is...

and for what it was made for...

Ye Gods I love sandwiches!


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It looks just perfect.

Ha ha ha on last comment. I love sandwiches also.

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about SD bread making is when it is the right time to go in the oven after proof! And what the proper proof is for each different bread...and what that looks like in the proofing basket:-)  95% of the bread made around here goes fir sandwiches too!  Another fine thing we stole from t,he old country, that we made out own is the Sandwich.

Happy baking

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That's a lovely bake.