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Barley Malt

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Barley Malt

Hey everyone, looking for some advice.

Trying to get that authentic bagel flavour so finally looking to use barley malt. Unable to source it, some one pointed me in the direction of brewers and I found this place nearby selling malt. However they have quite a range of different malt extracts and im not sure what Im doing so if anyone could help me out here, Ill link the website.

Does ANY of this sound like something I can use in bagels? Which one sounds best etc.

Thanks in advance,


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David R

Are you running a bakery? The smallest container they sell at your link appears to be 28 kg (or, in American, about 60 pounds). That will certainly last you a while, unless you're making A LOT of bagels. 🙂

If I were you, I would look online for baking supply companies (the ones selling flour etc) to see what they have for malt, and who will ship to you. They usually stock it in powdered form, though you can use either powder or liquid, shouldn't matter to the final product.

If you do end up buying one of the 28 kg containers, make sure to get one without hops - unless you want your bagels to strongly remind everyone of "Mac's Green Beret". 😁 (Not sure that would even work.)

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no not a bakery but will be making enough to justify the 28kg! So if I were to get the Ultra light malt extract do you think that will be ok? wasnt sure about the added corn syrup.

I was hoping to get it through a bakery supplier etc but so far Ive been on the phone and each time getting told nope, no barley malt. Has been a frustrating afternoon.

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Over here (Australia) we have brew shops that sell all the stuff for home brewing including a good range of different malts in much smaller amounts, both liquid and powder forms we can also but liquid malt  1 kg cans at the supermarkets. You wouldn't want to buy a big amount and find its not suitable for what you want ! 


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Here's what I have, if you're looking for small amounts.

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Thanks guys, and sorry for the slow replies. for some reason I dont get the notice that someone replied.

I actually got put onto a malt maker who is sending me some samples that they believe are perfect for bagels so here is hoping im on to a good thing!