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YW fermented home flaked oatmeal soaker

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YW fermented home flaked oatmeal soaker



Really happy with the crumb! Open and so sourdough tang at all with the YW influence. Very dominant flavor from the oats. Will definitely be trying this again. 


WI have Cedarmountain to thank for the idea of fermenting the soaker. I added 80 grams of my AYW to the rest of the water for an overnight fermentation. I used two levains both fed with Red Fife, one my SD starter and one my YW starter both are usually fed unbleached. The oatmeal was flaked on my new Marcato flaked. 

The next morning the oatmeal was wonderfully fragrant. I used some milled spelt and the rest unbleached  flour the oatmeal and the two levains. The dough was let to rest after mixing everything including salt  for two hrs. Only needed one s&f to be really poofy. I did one more s&f 30 min later just to see how it would feel.... beautiful satiny dough. In one more hour it had doubled.. yikes! My YW is so active I should have been more careful. I shaped gently dough,  was full of bubbles and really light. Retarded overnight so about 16 hr. Had really risen as you can see. Baked at 475 covered for 15 and then uncovered for 20. 

The crumb shot will be tomorrow. The loaves are so light and big and the area where I scored is glossy and beautiful. I can hardly wait to taste. 

(Sorry the pictures out of order... darn phone!)

Glossy crumb

Ready for the oven

Whoa.. overproofed


Ready to retard



Ready to shape

Ooops doubled! 

After autolyse:


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Delicious looking bread, the loaves opened up beautifully and a great three colour crust too.  A really nice bake Caroline, well done!

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I never would have thought to have tried the YW in the soaker if I hadn't read your post. I appreciate all the ingenuity of this forum. I shall make this a regular part of my routine...except the over-proof :) c

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Awesome idea and amazing loaf. Just beautiful! I really need to get mine going again and use it!

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i wouldn’t know what to do without my YW😊 I posted the crumb... it is wonderful! Sweet and full of flavor

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and I must put YW on my to do list. I tried last summer with some blackberries but have to admit I failed...Maybe I did not shake enough...I shall try again and intrigued by adding it to the soaker! Inspiring idea... Kat

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the shaking has nothing to do with starting the YW😊 it’s the fruit that does it . Apples are the very easiest.... a Granny Smith is the best. It has a degree of tartness along with being sweet that makes the YW do the best. Mine is over 6 yrs old now and still wonderful. A clean quart jar and an organic apple washed lightly peel on. Dice it up and put it in about 2-3 c water. Loosely cover and put it in at least 80-85 degrees F. Open the jar and stir several times a day. It will start fizzing in about 3-4 days. That’s all. Don’t add sugar or honey or anything else. Stirring adds oxygen and exposes the contents to the yeasts in the air in your house . Fruit adds sugars... that’s all you need. Good luck!

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Beautiful loaf.  Yum!

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wonderful bread and tastes great the next day.