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Valentine's Poilane

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Valentine's Poilane


For my valentine this year I thought I'd send something a little different. The folks at Poilane did an awesome job.  

 From Bievres, nothing says happy valentines quite like a poilane...  From Bievres, nothing says happy valentines quite like a poilane... 

From Bievres with love.  


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That is amazing.

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That's lovely. I was surprised, though, by how gray the crust and crumb look. Is that the true color of the loaf or an artifact of the camera?

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It's an artifact of the camera (ie flash) The true colour is in fact darker and not so gray.  

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How did the decorative part taste?

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Like soft pretzel. 

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staff of life

That must have been hard to cut into.  I can't quite make out what it says though.