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Croissants Using Dough Sheeter

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Croissants Using Dough Sheeter

Hi All,

I have been assigned to use the dough sheeter to create this soon-to-be-launched new product which is the croissants.  Its new for our tiny shop.  When I was in school, I was taught to go down to #7 before I do my bookturn (1st), single (2nd) and a final bookturn (3rd).  After the final retarding phase, I will laminate to #4 and start cutting into triangles. Then I will shape it into croissants. Proof it. And finally bake it.  

However, another colleague of mine complained to the boss that I am totally wrong.  Could some experts here who use the dough sheeter enlighten me please?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Regards :)


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My first thoughts go to your colleague.  Did he tell you or your boss how he would do it?  Were his methods better than yours? If those answers are 'no', color him a trouble-maker.

Second thought goes to the end results. How good are your croissants? That's the real answer to your question. If they look like these from txfarmer you're doing it right.


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Thank you Gary for your reply. He told me off and then went to our boss. :(  I have not seen him making croissants till date. This is my 2nd batch as we only bake once a week. The respond from the 2 weeks - sold out with compliments.  I know that I need to improve more and I will keep trying till I get it perfect.


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David R

Is there enough time to test your method, using the exact equipment that will be used on the final product? If you can find time to test, you will know.

Is this a situation where the colleague has used your shop's sheeter before, but you used the school's sheeter? Is it possible they work a bit differently?

Remember: It doesn't matter whose method gets used. It only matters that you end up with a good product, happy customers, and a shop that's hopefully more peaceful instead of less peaceful.

And remember too: You might be both right, or both wrong. It's not just "your way or his way".

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Thank you David for your reply.  I have made it twice. So far, customers are happy with it.  I know its not perfect but its sold out each week which I am really happy with. :)

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I go down to 9 on the laminations and 7 for the final roll out, but my croissants are quite large and your numbers sound more par for the course in the industry.

Just a note for those without a reversible sheeter: I do believe the thickness numbers refer to mm. I know for sure that is the case on Rondo sheeters.

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Thank you for your reply MichaelLily.  Yes, my sheeter is also in mm.  I will try the #9  and the #7 on final roll out and see how it goes.  Thank you :)