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Milled flax seed - another adventure!

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Milled flax seed - another adventure!

Well look what I found.  Any suggestions how to use it in my bread baking?

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I use  ground flax often and just add it to my bread dough-usually WW. It may require a little extra water for the dough as it does absorb the water and form a gel. Try adding water to a tablespoon of ground flax in a bowl to get a sense of how absorbent it is. 

Add it to pancakes, cereal, pudding,etc. if you want to have ground flax in the diet for health benefits. Good nutrient.

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Definitely store it in the freezer.  Ground flax goes rancid amazingly quickly, esp in warmer temps.  I quit buying ground and only buy whole, as the ground stuff always seems to have off, fishy odors.

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Rustic Rye

I will echo the addition of adding flax in whole grain loaves. I find that it nicely compliments the nuttiness of the whole wheat flour. I have also enjoyed adding ground flax into seed mixes that I incorporate into the dough. It's yummy and nutritious. What's not to love!?

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That's just what I needed to know...... into the dough, into the cereal, into the pancakes..... and into the freezer!  Thank you all.