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Mockmill KitchenAid Attachment coarseness dial problem

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Mockmill KitchenAid Attachment coarseness dial problem

Hello all. I'm putting this tip on here because I couldn't find any info about it prior to contacting Mockmill.

I had a small issue with my KitchenAid attachment where the grain coarseness dial would slowly rotate back from fine towards coarse while milling. The problem was magnified the faster I set the speed of the KitchenAid.

I contacted Mockmill and they responded with this tip, which did solve my problem. I'm attaching the helpful pictures they sent me as well.


"As for the dial moving, that does happen on occasion. There is a simple fix. There is a little "tooth" on the inside of the adjustment knob that holds the knob in place during milling. That tooth is pushed down by a little spring inside the housing; sometimes that spring loses its tension. Then it doesn't push hard enough on the tooth. You can increase the tension on the spring simply by stretching it out a bit. Then it should do its job. I am attaching a series of pictures to help you with this. "



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Thanks for passing on that tip. Lately my mill has been requiring 'supervision' to keep the grind how I wanted it. I followed your well illustrated tip and it seems to have solved the problem.

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Thanks for posting this-I have the same issue. Another small issue I have is that the chute needs to be about 4 mm longer. It tends to drop some of the flour outside the bowl. I end up tilting the bowl to catch it all. If I don't put the chute fully down, the flour doesn't drop into the bowl but accumulates on the chute.

In general, I love using this flour. It always tastes so fresh.