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help with muffins!

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help with muffins!

I'm not talking about normal muffins; I'm talking about muffins with a filling.  A recipe I found says to 'fill muffin cups halfway full'; you then add your filling and the rest of the batter to fill it about 3/4th of the way full.


My question is how many tablespoons of batter do you add to a muffin cup to make it halfway full?  I realize it depends on what size muffin cup you're using as there are two sizes-standard and jumbo.  My muffin tin just has standard size holes.


For measuring, would you use a tablespoon that you'd eat with or a tablespoon as in the measuring spoon?  Recipe I found says use 2 tablespoons of red bean paste (it's a paste and is semi-sold in consistency) per muffin; is this too much?  I'd prefer to use grams for the filling as it would be more consistent than me just guesstimating.  I would like to do the same thing for the batter too.  How many grams/ounces does a standard muffin hole/cup hold (not all twelve, just one).

 I am assuming I'd weigh the batter and divide by 24 for a recipe that yields 12 muffins (since you fill it halfway, add filling, then add the rest of the batter) or am I wrong on this?




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Just fill the cups about a third full, add your filling as per instructions and then finish filling the cups with the batter. If you have dough left over, use another tin and fill the empty spots with some water. 

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Bring out the muffin tin, the measuring spoons and cups and don't forget the scale. Start measuring and weighing water as a start or just do the same with your muffin batter. Have some fun and just be prepared to do this a few times to get the hang of the procedure.

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David R

No measuring, no dividing, no math, no numbers, use any spoon or spatula that makes the job comfortable.


If you fill muffin cups all the way up, then they overflow badly while baking. So you just follow the recipe instructions as printed, they have it about right: first half full, then filling, then a bit more to cover the filling, but never full up.


Muffin batter is clumsy and blobby. You slap in approximately the right amount, make them all about even, and that's it. If you've made eleven nice muffins and have too little batter left for #12, then just dab the excess into the first eleven somewhere, and fill #12 with water.


Filling muffins is much less like science, and much more like serving mashed potatoes in a cafeteria. Shove in about the right amount, and move on. 🙂


(Though try not to splatter everywhere; splattered bits will end up burning and sticking.)

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Mini Oven

the kind you eat soup with, also called tablespoons.  Measuring spoons tend to be deep and more difficult to scrape out, forget them.   Use one tablespoon to scoop out dough and the second one to shove off the dough into the muffin cup.  Tea spoons should work nicely for the bean filling with their narrow shallow shape.  :)

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It sounds as if you are looking for more consistency in size. Does THIS help for the muffin dough and perhaps a smaller one for the filling?