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Good long cuff oven gloves

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Good long cuff oven gloves


I’m always embarrassed by constantly having burn bruises in my forearms from when I bake my breads. I have oven gloves but they are the kind that only cover up to my wrists.

I’ve been trying to find a pair of good quality oven or BBQ gloves, not mittens, with cuffs that will cover at least part of my forearms but the ones I’ve found I’ve had to return because they’re always “one size fits all” which I guess it means “all men” because I can imagine any woman having such huge hands!

If anybody has any recommendations I’d appreciate to hear about them. 


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I had the same problem and had a pretty difficult time finding what I want.  The ones that can handle very hot things are quite thick, and aren't very practical.  I ended up returning a pair that were pretty expensive because of the thickness, getting a pair that I can't find the source of now.  There certainly are a lot of different kinds online.

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I have several sets of these   They are fantastic for heat transfer. I can hold a cast iron combo cooker for several minutes without any heat transfer at all ,  with most regular hot pads in 30 seconds to a minute, my fingers get warm.  They are about 12 inches long - so they won't get up to your forearms, but will cover you hands, wrists, and a little more.  

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I ordered some long silicone oven mitts from Amazon. The hands are way big and the cuffs are too narrow. I had to add some slits to fit my fat forearms. Even though I'm fat, I'm short and female. One of my friends, a carpenter, has v v large forearms. No can wear the mitts.

The manufacturers need to actually do some research on hand and forearm sizes. 

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Our Crumb

I recommend these or something like them.  Google <Welding Gloves>.  They've performed flawlessly for me for many years for pulling loaves, racks, DOs and stones out of a 500˚F oven.


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David R

Not all types of welding gloves are good for oven purposes. Some are apparently great, but others offer limited protection from heat, especially when holding on for more than a couple of seconds.

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Agree with David.  I use welding gloves for welding, but in welding, at least MIG welding, although the things that are being welded get extremely hot,  you are generally not worried about holding onto something that is hot for more than a few seconds .  So if you want to protect your forearm from brushing up against a hot rack, it would work, but for actually removing a hot dutch oven from the oven, your hands might get uncomfortably hot pretty quick.   

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I use two kinds of gloves.

For grabbing heavy hot things like a 450F cast iron pot, I use

which are available in several lengths.  They're not cheap, but they're a lot lighter and more flexible than welding gloves, and provide excellent heat protection.  I find the "puppet" style of glove easier to use.

For grabbing things with less thermal mass (like loaves of bread!) I use long terrycloth gloves like this:

They provide less heat protection (none if they get wet) but pretty good dexterity, and they're fine for avoiding accidentally burning your forearms.

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These are for protecting your arms above your gloves. They make them in fabrics and leathers. That way you can use whatever kind of glove suits you. I use the fireproof gloves that only come to my wrists. 

You can find them on the interwebs or at your local welding shop.