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Home Micro Bakery Growing Pains

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Home Micro Bakery Growing Pains


I am in the midst of trying to expand my home bakery to meet a farmer's market demand. I currently bake 20-30 loaves a week out of my home oven. I want to increase baking capacity to 100 loafs a week, really 100 loaves in about 5-6 hours. Thus, bakes with ~20 loaves/bake. 

My biggest challenge is oven choice. Currently, the leading plan is to install 2 double decker home ovens, for a total of 4 ovens, and outfit them with stones and replicate the faux-deck oven situation I've created using stones and lava rocks. 

I don't have 3-phase so any commercial oven is out of the question. 

Does anyone have and suggestions? Tips? Experience in this matter? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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I just need to ask if gas is an option, and also point out that there are plenty of single phase commercial ovens available (although perhaps they are gas ovens).

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I don't have gas at all in the house.

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This might not work if you have no access to gas, but someone I know had a gas-heated brick oven built in his backyard.  He steams with a pressure cooker that feeds from the bottom.

He services about 50 customers a week on a subscription basis.  Sounds about the scale you're looking for.