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Potato Onion Sourdough Bagels

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Potato Onion Sourdough Bagels

Hello TFLers! I've been very busy this early in 2019, I almost have no time to post and check TFL. I'm glad I had a little time to post this. I baked this early this January but I'm only posting it now because, you know, teachers have a lot of paperwork aside from actual classroom teaching.

This bread was inspired by NYC.This is a remake of my Potato Onion Sourdough "Bagel-Crust" Squares but with minor differences; the inspiration came from Knishes which are also very famous in NY. In addition to baking it in an oven, I used sauteed onions instead of dehydrated onions which is how filling for knishes is commonly done.

I also added lots of freshly ground black pepper. Potato, onion, pepper; you know it's going to be delicious. It was so fragrant from the pepper.

Black pepper here as it clumped in one area of the raw bagel. I love how it looks.

I dunked half of them in black sesame seeds on both sides after boiling because I love a bagel with sesame like last time and its look.

I cut some into "squares"  just like last time because I just can't enough of it. :)

The ones without seeds stuck to the parchment paper. What if I want to make plain ones? Anyone who knows how to deal with this? 

The crumb. Potato really makes a huge difference.

Eat with a thick schmear of cream cheese.

My "schmearing skills" are not on point so it was not thick. No problem, dunk every bite in extra cream cheese!

Pardon the messy look of the following pictures. Cream cheese almost everywhere. :)


The crust was crispy and a little delicate that only boiled bagels can have. The crumb was softer than a plain bagel but chewier and tighter than my previous version. If you look at the crumb on my previous post you can see that it was a lot more open and softer, it was also moister probably due to the shape. The flavor was almost the same as I remember, like a good pizza with tang from the sourdough and sweetness from the sauteed onions but I like this one more because of the heat and fragrance of the black pepper. Really really good with the cream cheese!


I also made some wickedly good Chocolate Chip Cookies just like how a famous bakery in New York does it: gigantic and half-baked. It told you, I'm bringing a taste of NYC in our home. I used the best chocolate I can find because it is half the cookie. It's my first time to make cookies and I did not expect they would be that good.

How huge are they? They're as big as or even a touch bigger than my palm.

Look at the melty pockets of chocolate amidst the half baked dough with 3 perfect layers; a crispy craggly outer layer, a chewy middle layer; and a thick soft gooey center. Sorry if it was out of focus. I was in a hurry because I can't wait to eat it. :)

Perfect with a cold glass of milk. Enjoy!


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I can only imagine how amazing these bagels must taste.  I am living on Long Island which is an hour away from NYC and we have more bagel stores than anywhere on Earth along with Pizza shops.  I love the flavor combo you put together and I love black sesame seeds as well so this is right up my alley.

Those chocolate chip cookies also look to die for!  Makes me want one for lunch 😜.

Not sure why you are having sticking issues with the parchment paper.  I only have had that when I made pretzels and used a lye bath to dip the raw dough.  For bagels I would't think it would be a problem unless the water bath has a caustic addition.


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The combo was also inspired by some of yours. I've seen a video of old New York where bagelries coat their bagels with seeds on both sides so that's what I tried for this batch but I think more stuck to mine than those in the video so that's why it looked that way which I kinda like. I already have a hypothesis with the sticking, guess I just have to test it with an experiment.

Glad you like the cookies. Thanks Ian!


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in the New Year".  it is a sickness now for you:-)  I can't imagine not ever having made chocolate chip cookies !  I didn't think there was anyone alive that hadn't made them....but you need an oven ...or a fire in your case!  CC cookies are about the best cookies ever - right?  At least until you make the next variation anyway but this one might be hard to top!  You have a whole new forest to chop down woth that oven.  I vsnlt imaine hoe fun it will be.

Well done and happy baking all kinds of things Nephew Job!

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and in a frying pan but always end up with a mess or something that I don't really like. Burnt chocolate everywhere, burnt or super crunchy dry bottom and soft doughy pale top, no rise, no chew, no melty pockets; so this is technically the first time that I "baked" a cookie.

I'm glad I don't belong anymore to those few who still haven't made them. I can't wait to try another variation that I have in mind and the more I can't wait to chop more of that forest, just cut down a tree or two in one unexplored area. :)

Thanks and happy baking uncle!

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David R

... I just had to say that Palwi Thnooven sounds like an exotic Belgian cheese or something. 🙂

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Can you tell me a Belgian cheese that sounds close to my name? :)

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What's wrong with those bagels? They look as if they were drown in black sesame water pool :) For bagels that don't stick to the parchment, I find it really helpful to soak up the water dripping off the bottom of the bagels with a towel. Only after the dough feels somewhat dry, the bagels get transferred to the baking sheet. When the starch in the dough gelatinizes in the water, it glues the bagels to the parchment. Draining most of the water thus solves the problem. You may also spray a thin layer of oil onto the parchment if you're extra cautious.

Those cookies...I don't know what to say... They look so scrumptious! I don't have a sweet tooth but I go weak at the knee every time I see molten centered food. Be it soft-boiled eggs, gooey cheese and yes, chocolate lava cake, fudgy brownie and gooey & chewy chocolate chips cookies as well. I totally get it when you say you can't wait to bite into it!

You've managed to bury your bagels in sesame seeds and fully-load your cookies with chocolate chips. The next task would be getting the schmear part right! Love everything in the post!

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I think I've went a little too far with the sesame seeds. :) But I love the taste and crunch, just don't like the ones that kept falling. I don't know what happened but I've drained them on both sides on a towel but they still stuck to the parchment.

Love these cookies, the best I've ever had. I also love those things that you mentioned. I hope you'll like my next adventure. I'm venturing into some Cantonese/Hong Kong fare which might make it to my future posts.

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Maybe the potatoes contributed to extra starch?

Looking forward to your HK style treats! Can't imagine how I can not love them :)

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Rustic Rye

Hey PalwithnoovenP,

Where did you get the recipe for these cookies? They look amazing and I would love to make em! Were they from a website or a personal recipe you use?

Thanks and great bakes! You've inspired me to make some more bagels. :)

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PalwithnoovenP  I just reduced  the butter to 3/4 cup and melted it instead of creaming it. Then just divide it into 6 or 8 portions then bake at 400F for 10 minutes for half baked cookies. Sorry for the super late reply. Thank you!