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Picard MOD32-1(or -2) vs Doyon 3T-1

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Picard MOD32-1(or -2) vs Doyon 3T-1

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

I recently started a bakery with my wife and had a bit of an ... adventure ... with our bread oven. Long story short: our brand new oven is getting replaced with a different one.

It is now between a Picard MOD32-1 and a Doyon 3T-1. On paper they seem like very similar ovens, but the price difference is pretty darn impressive. We could get a second deck on the Picard (MOD32-2) for less than the single deck Doyon 3T-1.

We have experience with other Doyon oven models and are pretty sure this 3T-1 will be a great oven, but does anyone here have experience with the Picard Modulux ovens? Who can explain why the Doyon is so much more expensive? Is it just an CA$8000 name tag or is there truly that a $$$ worth difference between the two?

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Our Crumb

Here’s hoping that no one, as I almost did, reports your post for spamming access to a boxing match between Picard vs Doyon.  

Maybe “Pro Oven Comparison” would be a safer subject line. 


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I was about to📝, too! 😀😀😀