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Arugula & Morbier Cheese SD with 30% Sprouted Kamut

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Arugula & Morbier Cheese SD with 30% Sprouted Kamut

For those who have never tasted Morbier cheese, it’s a kind of cheese that turns very chewy when melted. Moreover, its taste is so lactic that it resembles yogurt a lot.



Arugula & Morbier Cheese SD with 30% Sprouted Kamut


Dough flour (all freshly milled):

150g      50%       Whole white wheat flour

90g        30%       Sprouted kamut flour

60g        20%       Pearl barley flour


For leaven:

14g       4.67%       Starter

38g       12.7%       Bran sifted from dough flour

38g       12.7%       Water


For dough:

262g      87.3%       Dough flour excluding flour for leaven

150g        50%        Whey

100g      33.3%       Water

90g           30%       Leaven

5g          1.67%       Salt



90g        30%        Morbier cheese

15g          5%        Arugula



247g        80.5%      Whole grain

307g        100%       Total flour

295g       96.1%       Total hydration


Sift out the bran from dough flour, reserve 38 g for the leaven. Soak the rest, if any, in equal amount of whey taken from dough ingredients.

Combine all leaven ingredients and let sit until doubled, around 4 hours (22°C).

Roughly combine all dough ingredients except for the salt and let it ferment for 20 minutes. Fold in the salt and ferment for 20 minutes. Knead in the add-ins and proof for 3 hours longer.

Preshape the dough and let it rest for 25 minutes. Shape the dough then put in into a banneton. Retard for 10 hours.

Remove the dough from the fridge and let it warm up for 45 minutes. Preheat the oven at 250°C/482°F. Score and spritz the dough then bake at 250°C/482°F with steam for 15 minutes then without steam for 25 minutes more or until the internal temperature reaches a minimum of 208°F. Let cool for at least 2 hours before slicing.



Like all bread with cheese, this bread has killer crispy crust as the fat oozing out from the cheese fried the dough. The crumb is dense, partly due to the low gluten content of the dough and partly because it was slightly under-proofed... I’m still beyond stocked at how dissimilar the dough performs in different seasons! 



This bread tastes very sweet so it goes well with the tangy cheese. The arugula adds both freshness and peppery spiciness, which in my opinion, are indispensable components of the loaf.




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Spicy caramelized lotus roots, vinegary bean sprouts & black fungus and YW kimchi dumplings


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30% rye SD bagels



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And I love the colour of the crust. 

I agree that it is interesting how seasons affect things. My rye sprouts really didn’t want to sprout this week. I am guessing it was due to the cold snap we are having: - 35C this morning!

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In the summer when the kitchen temperature reaches over 30°C,16 hours are more than needed for the grains to sprout. Though as the room temperature drops to 16°C, they take more like 30 hours to sprout. Wow! -35°C! I bet your house must be equipped with a powerful heating system!

Glad you like the bread, Danni. I enjoy putting some kinds of flavorful greens in the dough recently: they add a special touch to the bread :)

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I love bread with cheese and this one looks great.  I can see that it was under-proofed or developed.  I had a similar problem with a recent bake, but looks like it must have tasted great anyway.  The bagels look perfect as well.  What formula did you use for them?  I am always looking for good bagel recipes with SD.

I love, love your chicken dish and all the others as well.  They are making me so hungry and I have to get ready to start dinner myself. 

Great baking and cooking Elsie!

Elsie_iu's picture

The combo of bread and melted cheese gives rise to one of the most popular forms of food in the world called pizza :) Although I'm not entirely pleased with the bake, you're right about the bread tasting nice. We can always count on freshly milled sprouted grains & whole grains when it comes to taste. 

The bagels were made from 30% freshly milled rye and 70% bread flour, which contributes to a total of 240 g of flour (excluding the starter) for 4 bagels. I mixed all rye flour (72 g) with 20 g of starter and 72 g of water. After it doubled, I combined it with the bread flour (168 g) and 78 g water to bring the hydration to 64%. As the kitchen was pretty cool, I also put in 1/8 tsp of instant yeast to speed things up. I'm sure you can skip it though. After 30 minutes, 3/4 tsp of salt got mixed into the dough. I stretched and folded the dough every 30 minutes until it rose by 50%. After that, it was retarded for 2 days as I wasn't ready to bake. You can of course shorten the length of retard if you prefer. 

On the baking day, I divided the cold dough into 4 equal portions and shaped them into 4 balls. After 30 minutes rest, I poked a hole in the centre of each pieces of dough using my thumb. Then the holes were gradually enlarged so that they have the shape of bagel. They were proofed on the baking sheet until almost doubled. I then boiled them for 30 seconds on each side in 1 L of water with 1 tbsp of dark barley malt powder. They were baked for 15 minutes in the oven preheated at 250°C/482°F. 

Stuffed chicken looks sophisticated and tastes amazing yet it's so easy to make in reality... What a great way to impress your guests or even just your family! Thanks for the kind words, Ian. Tonight, we'll have tandoori chicken and salmon for dinner!

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fermentation pf the bread.  I think the looks crumb is completely due to the Mobier cheese melting when baked.  if I put cold pieces of a normally soft, fatty cheese like this one in a bread I would get the same crumb.  I love the smell of Mobier and its ricj=h creamy flavor had to go so well with the bitter arugula!  Mobier by are warm fire and a glass of red wine and chunks of French Country SD (also known as SFSD today)  is about as good as it gets.  Don't you think that Wood Ear Mushrooms sound better than Black Fungus:-)  They don't taste any different though.  You can make Rave Upma in the Instant pot too and be as lazy as Lucy!  All the food looks great and the bagels are perfect!  We made salmon on the grill last night and mixed with some C Cit would be the prefect breakfast today , instead of Ravw Upma:-)  My lovely wife did get out a pumpernickel bagel to split this morning though.....

Nice post all the way around and happy baking Elsie

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I guess the fat separated from the cheese compressed the crumb? Arugula is my favourite green for topping off sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, risotto... you name it. To me, that bagel would be perfect with a sprinkle of arugula too :) Baby spinach, kale and other salad greens taste kind of boring in comparison... Grilled salmon is such a nice switch up for smoked salmon for bagels! I seldom get good quality cottage cheese so my impression for it isn't very good. Maybe someday I'd fall in love with it after trying the quality one?

I didn't know "wood Ear Mushrooms" is an proper name as it sounds like a straight translation from their Chinese name 木 (wood) 耳 (ear). It does remind me less of bread mould though :) Would you make rava upma in the instant pot? It basically takes minutes only even when made in the regular pot! I can see that Lucy is totally spoiled... 

Thanks for the comment! Oh and tell Lucy I'd be there at her 15th birthday party!