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Recent baking

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Recent baking

I found this photo in my camera. This was a straight up French bread, like a 65-2-1 combo. It had a 3 hour poolish, with wasn't enough to make a big difference, but it tasted pretty good.

Today I tried baking something similar though with an overnight poolish. I got distracted playing with the kids and let it rise about half an hour longer than I should have. It was huge. When I tried loosening it up on the peel so I could slide it into the oven, it went pffffffft... and deflated by about 40 percent. I got a little bit of spring back in the oven, but, alas, nothing like what it was prior.

My sourdough I timed much better, however. This was just with cheap-o store brand AP flour too, since I've not gotten a chance to pick up another big bag of Pendleton Mills bread flour.

Finally, I also made melon bread this afternoon. A yummy afternoon treat.


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I like the look of the melon bread, and the sourdough is beautiful.

Sometimes, though, I think the stuff that doesn't work out makes for more interesting pictures. Overproofing is easy to do with kids around -- I'm pretty sure that's what happened to my ill-fated Ponsford ciabatta. Still, from the top, the loaf looks pretty good!

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have you looked at the super peel?  I let some sticky sweet potato loaves proof on my super peel for about an hour and a half and had no problem getting them in the oven.

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Yes, I've looked at it, no I haven't purchased it.