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Active dry yeast amounts for one 12-inch pizza

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Active dry yeast amounts for one 12-inch pizza

About how much active dry yeast is needed for a regular 12-inch pizza made from bread flour? No over-night slow rising. Just a pizza dough that's intended to be used about an hour or two after rising.


*About 1 cup of flour 








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3/4 to 1 tsp would probably do it for a 12-inch pizza, though it really depends on how much dough you're making.

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why make such a small amount

make at lease one pound of flour scale the dough into the size pieces you want right out of the mixer and frezze the dough without letting it rize.

then take out one piece at a time and let is sit at room temp for a few hours it will be fine to use for pizza

it will live in the frezer for about 6 weeks