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30% Toasted Sprouted Black Quinoa Sourdough

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30% Toasted Sprouted Black Quinoa Sourdough

 I have kept this bread simple as half of it was give away to some friends.



30% Toasted Sprouted Black Quinoa Sourdough


Dough flour (all freshly milled):

180g      60%       Whole white wheat flour

90g        30%       Toasted sprouted black quinoa flour

30g        10%       Sprouted white wheat flour


For leaven:

14g       4.67%       Starter

43g       14.3%       Bran sifted from dough flour

43g       14.3%       Water


For dough:

257g      85.7%       Dough flour excluding flour for leaven

257g      85.7%       Water

100g      33.3%       Leaven

5g          1.67%       Salt



307g       100%       Whole grain

307g       100%       Total hydration


Sift out the bran from dough flour, reserve 43 g for the leaven. Soak the rest, if any, in equal amount of water taken from dough ingredients.

Combine all leaven ingredients and let sit until doubled, around 4.5 hours (22°C).

Roughly combine all dough ingredients except for the salt and let it ferment for 20 minutes. Fold in the salt and ferment for 2 hour 25 minutes longer.

Preshape the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes. Shape the dough then put in into a banneton. Retard for 8 hours.

Preheat the oven at 250°C/482°F. Score and spritz the dough then bake straight from the fridge at 250°C/482°F with steam for 15 minutes then without steam for 25 minutes more or until the internal temperature reaches a minimum of 208°F. Let cool for at least 2 hours before slicing.



This loaf was under-proofed because it took longer than I expected to ferment. It was already 12 a.m. and I was not willing to stay up late. Therefore, the texture of the loaf suffers: the crumb is sticky and relatively close.  

The taste is pleasant though. Sprouted black quinoa never let me down and this time is no exception. This bread is very sweet and truly nutty (I don’t use it to describe every kind of whole grain like many do). It is not sour, which was probably because of the cooler temperature. 




Beef Rendang and mixed vegetables with sweet & tangy peanut sauce 


Soba noodles salad with homemade fishcakes…But where’re the noodles? :)


Black pepper spiced pork and peppers tacos with Gorgonzola


Gorgonzola and scallions white wheat pancakes. Don’t judge. They’re good.


Mexican homemade chorizo omelette with smoky roasted green peppers sauce and refried beans



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proof properly.  My last bread took forever to ferment and proof too with a cold kitchen and no heating pas used.  But it sure did taste good!  All the food is lovely even the pancakes!  Love the colorful mixed veggies and home made chorizo is way better than store bought although Food City's here is pretty good.  Home made sourdough soba noodles would be big and puffy and will not disappear under the fish cake:-)  Those tacos are pretty killer too.

Its all so good including the photography,  Well done and happy baking Elsie

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10°C is already pretty low and 2°C is like the coldest temperature we ever got in recent years. That means not every family have a heater at home and we are one of those families.Sarcastically, the indoor temperature might be 23°C for countries where the outdoor temperature is -30°C. On the other hand, our home is 16°C when the outside is 10°C... 

I'm glad you approve of the pancakes! You probably should make more savory pancakes because... well, you can cut back on sugar that way :) The reason why I made my own chorizo is that the fresh one isn't sold in most supermarkets. Even if it is, the price is at least 3 times as much as if I make my own from minced pork. I can also adjust the seasonings to suit my taste that way. Homemade soba noodles sound nice! The store bought ones aren't half bad either as they're very flavorful being made from 100% buckwheat. Miraculously, they still have some bite despite the absence of any additives.  I wonder how I can make gluten free noodles without having them breaking apart... Tacos are my recent addiction: I somehow forgot how good homemade corn tortillas are but was again reminded of that.

Thanks for the praise, Dabrownman! 

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food!!! I have put some form of sprouted loaves on my to do list...I bought some rye seeds in Germany and might get those sprouted...and funnily enough a baker friend in Berlin said that he also did a sprouted Quinoa and says it was delicious...

Soooo many options... lucky friend to get such a great loaf! Kat

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To be honest, I don't really know how it tastes like even though I've worked with it before. I messed up with that bake too badly that I could hardly appreciate its taste... That said, I'm sure it's great, like any other sprouted grain I've tried, so I'll probably give it another try soon. Let us know how your version turns out :) Oh, do try sprouted quinoa someday! It's so good.

Sometimes I wonder: am I the only one who feels that there're not enough meals to savour every craved dishes? It's not practical to visit every country serving great food but at least I can try to replicate the dishes.

The friends didn't only get the loaf but some of the pancakes too. We're all obsessed with good food...well, maybe even a bit too obsessed in the eyes of most? Glad you like the food and the loaf, Kat!

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Even though it may not be perfect, it sounds and looks like it tastes great.  Next time a little extra time will make it just right.  The food selection looks amazing as always!

Thanks for sharing all of your tasty creations.

Best Regards,

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I always get much pleasure sharing the food I made with everyone here, and even more when I'm reading the comments. Being inspired by the community of this site, which has transformed my life, I wish to give back to it. I mean, seriously, who else could have thought of it? A girl who barely knew about SD bread a year ago is now baking her own bread, milling her own flour and sprouting her own grains? :) 

Getting to know all of you is something worth celebrating too. Looking forward to your next post!