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Hodgson Mill whole rye flour deal

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Hodgson Mill whole rye flour deal

Hodgson Mill has a good deal on whole-grain rye flour through their online store. I used to find their stuff occasionally in my area (I know some of my local groceries like Smart & Final and Vons carry some of their products in SoCal) and recall enjoying their flour.

1 5-lb bag for $5 


6-5lb bags (30lbs) for $28.39

$10 flat rate shipping up to $50, $12 flat rate shipping up to $100.

That means for 30lb, it's only $1.28/lb shipped to your door!

Sure it's not organic like Bob's Red Mill but I'm not being picky, and quite a bit less expensive and less hassle. And I could get 50lb Central Milling organic rye through a group buy in Los Angeles, but I live 1.5hrs north of LA...


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I miss the days when I could buy flour at that price, however, I would add that the difference between organic and non-organic grains/flours would be the overall quality in growing, harvesting and processing of the grains/flour. Some farmers will spray RoundUp and other chemical combinations several times before, during and after the wheat plant growing process. In fact, some non-organic wheat farmers cheat by killing the wheat plants off early with a saturation of RoundUp rather than allowing them to die and dry naturally. The result is a flour that is saturated in synthetic chemicals. This is a terrible way to do business in my opinion. Needless to say, while non-organic wheat and grain products have an attractive price tag, I would be cautious when using these products.

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Look, you like organic - buy organic, but could you refrain from regurgitating pseudo-science and semi-truths.  Please?

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It is still carried locally by a few stores, but it's becoming less and less common and I dread the day when I will be forced to buy a 50lb bag.