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Cloche & spread?

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Cloche & spread?

Hello - It looks like I'm not the only one who got a cloche for Christmas!  I have the Emile Henry one and while it is much easier to use than my dutch ovens, the main problem I have is spread.  I work with high hydration doughs, so maybe that is the issue, but the dough just seems to spread out and not get as much spring on the cloche vs. dutch oven, and even when I use a plain tile with steaming pans for my oblong loaves.  I tried a larger dough mass and it still was somewhat flat.

I do heat the cloche first.  Is the dough spreading more because of the heat?  Perhaps this doesn't happen in the dutch oven because the diameter is smaller and the sides keep it in check?  Not sure how to make it work.  My mother-in-law got one too and her loaves turned out fine, but she used a lower hydration formula.  

Any thoughts?  Thanks!!!!

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Edo Bread

I think your hydration and shaping are a part of this. The dutch oven can fool you with the sides containing your loaf. Not sure why it would be different than a plain tile - except that they are not true side by side tests and the hydration, handling and current conditions were different. 

About a week ago I posted a photo of my typical results out of the cloche - here is the link just as an FYI: