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Hobart N50 restore-ers please chime in!

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Hobart N50 restore-ers please chime in!

Hello to all and thank you in advance for your help!

I finally purchased a used n50 for my wife and have just begun the tear-down process for rebuilding. I have looked through many n50 restoration projects on this site and am hoping someone who has experience might be able to tell me, based on how this unit sounds / functions in the short video, what parts may be worn out.

My observations based on other videos I have watched:

1. There is excess ticking or whirring sounds when powered on and also as it slows down after being switched off.

2. It seems as though there is supposed to be a brake or clutch to slow the unit down after being powered off which may not be doing its job anymore. (There is a change of noise once the motor slows down to a certain rpm). I did notice the mechanism at the back of the motor shaft that has two springs looks like it would be some sort of centripetal brake that activates below a certain motor speed, I think there might be some missing pieces not allowing it to properly function.

Those who have experience with these mixers, your expertise is much needed / appreciated!

Here is the video:


Many thanks and Happy New Year to all!

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It looks (and sounds) like your N50 has never been opened up and regreased. I don't think that your machine is taking too long to come to a stop.

With a thorough cleaning and two tubes of the proper grease, I bet it will perform well.

I've got an old, pre 1954 N50(with flatback) that also needs this service, you could do mine while your at it.

cheers and happy wrenching


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I hope you're right! I just got the thing about 80% dismantled and there was some old, dry grease (no longer sticking to the gears, dark green, and caked in the shape of the gear paths) in there along with some newer stuff (probably shoved in there by the person who sold it to me). Everything seems to be in good shape with no concerning play or wear in any of the parts. I will have to replace the shaft dowel pins on the main beater shaft as the external pin was kinked a bit and the inner one holding the right angle gear was a bit worn.

I am having a bit of an issue pulling the main beater shaft free of the angled gear, any ideas? I was going to put an extended pin through the hole at the bottom of the shaft and fashion some sort of pulling device to give it a little yank. I'm sure there is a little bit of deformation on the shaft from the dowel pin being pressed through the gear and shaft during initial assembly.

Once I get this thing fully torn apart, it will be getting a media blast and fresh powder coat. Hoping that, with all the pictures I am taking, I can get it all together again without any 'spare' parts.

I would be happy to help you re-grease yours... but one mixer project at a time ;)