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Any way to fix a too-soft or too-wet croissant dough?

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Any way to fix a too-soft or too-wet croissant dough?

Sorry to add yet another topic on croissant related woes,but I have been reading the forums and other sources extensively and have yet to see a discussion on my current issue.

The problem started when I decided to try converting txfarmer's tried and tested recipe for croissants with sourdough starter into a 100% SD recipe (no commercial yeast) . I saw another recipe online that uses a higher amount of levain so I adjusted the amount of flour accordingly... But forgot to adjust the amount of liquid. 

So I ended up with what I assume is a wetter dough than it should be. Based on my calculation the dough hydration should still be around 65% though, so I was not overly concerned. 

But i am now having issues laminating the dough because my dough is extremely soft even after chilling in the fridge or the freezer, and the butter will always be harder than the dough. I am only into my first turn and I am quite sure I have already had some butter breakages. 

Would anyone have tips to salvage this situation? I am no longer hopeful of creating picture perfect layers or anything, just want to have a result that still resembles croissants . Do you think that flouring the dough liberally during lamination might help??