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Dry Nut Rolls ??

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Dry Nut Rolls ??

     Tried making some nut rolls like my mother in laws using the below recipe.  She was a pinch of this and dash of that baker so I thought I'd give this one a try.  Came out good, but some what dry.  Any suggestions would be appreciated as this was my first attempt.  Did not post the filling recipe because that was very good.  Thanks for your ideas.

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The whole recipe did not show up. You might need to cut and paste into a document,edit the info and then do the final cut and paste into the text box here  on Fresh Loaf. OR... if this info is online, just cut and paste a link.

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thanks, I'll try again this way.  Recipe is from here:

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Mini Oven

In the description? 

"The last time that I made this, instead of adding all of the flour, I added a little at a time and then stopped once the dough was no longer sticky, and I still had quite a bit of flour left. And what do you know? Those rolls had perfectly smooth dough from start to finish on ALL of the rolls – no cracking, splitting or filling spilling out. I’m convinced that the issue had to do with the dough being too dry and, as a result, cracking and splitting, which can cause the filling to come out.

The exact amount that you use will vary wildly depending on the time of year, the ambient air temperature and humidity levels, but definitely go with a little flour at a time, and then stop periodically to feel the dough as you near the end of the flour. It shouldn’t be sticky, but should still be quite soft and supple."

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I’m Slovak, and my dad makes nut rolls and poppy-seed rolls every year for Christmas. They’re never particularly moist, but that just means they’re a perfect vehicle for a dollop of whip cream and a generous drizzle of quality rum!