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Mockmill 100/200 noise levels?

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Mockmill 100/200 noise levels?


Hoping that I am posting in the most appropriate forum (if not let me know where to redirect my question):

I'm considering a Mockmill standalone mill.  The only worry I have at the moment is the noise level as I live in a small apartment building, and I would not want to be known as that guy...

I originally thought the Mockmill 100 would be plenty, but given how noisy it could get in my small kitchen corner, I thought that perhaps the Mockmill 200 would be better given it offers twice the output per minute which would translate in less time rattling the whole building. ;-)

I have reached out to Mockmill with that question (unsure if both mills output the same noise level), but to anyone who may use either Mockmill in an apartment, how do you feel about the noise?  How do you handle it?  Or do you even try to muffle it by wrapping a think towel during the milling?  I believe I read a Mockmill 200 review that put it at 96dB.

Thanks in advance.


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I should have mentioned that, of course, the noise level will depend on the grain milled (hard vs. soft).

I had found another page that had a few [weighted] measurements listing the noise levels based on different grains.

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Wow! I have a 6 year old Nutrimill (imploding mill) and I think that is loud.

As far as apartment living with noise-just think of it like a vacuum: it is done a limited time during the day and in short periods of time. Everyone just deals with it. If you know of a neighbor on an alternate sleep schedule, be considerate but otherwise, that is part of the joy of apartment living.

I always described my mill "like a jet plane taking off". I found this noise comparison chart and I wasn't far off.

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I had the chance to see the Mockmill in action at the Kneading Conference in Skowhegan/ME this summer. Even though I had a Nutrimill and a hand-cranked Junior Mill at home, I purchased one - and never looked back!

The ease and convenience of the Mockmill is hard to beat, and it‘s less noisy than the Nutrimill. I especially like the fact that you can mill the grains directly into a bowl, and not in a drawer that has to be cleaned after each use. And I can grind fine flour or coarse meal. 

I cannot imagine that you would have troubles with the noise of grinding with the Mockmill in an apartment, unless you intend to use it all day long. It‘s not any louder than a vacuum cleaner or mixer.


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I have a Mockmill 100 and just love it.  it doesn’t take long to mill whatever I need, I think provided you are considerate asto time of day it should not be an issue even in an apartment. 


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I don't live in an apartment, but I don't regard my Mockmill 100 as very loud. Less loud than most vacuum cleaners. About the same loudness as a stand mixer or hand mixer running. And, unless you are milling more grain than usual for a home baker, you are not going to take that long with it running. 

It is a fabulous little machine and has none of the noise or mess problems that kept me from home milling for years. Strongly recommended.