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linen couche

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linen couche


There are so many couches out there (online) and i want to get one that someone would recommend. Canadian would be great but american is fine as well... I dont want to buy on amazon and we dont have anything like that in town... 


What do you guys recommend?


Thanks ! 

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Our Crumb

I've bought all my bannetons and brotforms from the San Francisco Baking Institute.


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I too bought (most of) my bannetons from SFBI, but I also bought a couple of yards of their linen couche, and it has served very well.  I like it because it has good thickness and "body" but is still quite pliable.  I can shape it easily yet it will hold that shape to hold up a loaf.




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SFBI has really nice material for the couches I've bought from them...can't say that about some other popular sources.

I don't buy that much from them...but their couches and lames I like, along with the big trapezoidal plastic case you need some extras to help justify an order...

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I have been using Irish Linen table clothes  they are superb quality and can be picked up for next to nothing at charity shops, Another source is Launderies that supply table clothes to restaurants, any that get any damage are discarded. They also make marvelous throws to cover the dough to prevent skining especially in airconditioned or drafty areas.  Regards Derek

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if you want a vacation of a lifetime, take one of their week-long classes. There are a few affordable motels reasonably close and everything about the classes is beyond expectation. 

And then you can bring home supplies to your heart's content, and huge quantities of amazing product.

Of course I am referring to SFBI.


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Thanks everyone! I live in northern canada and we don't have much .. Ill look into suggestions ! 

Thanks :)

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Mini Oven

that I never really liked, the big v- neck was just too sexy.  Anyway,  cut off the sleeves and opened the seams.  Project?  To line a basket.  

After cutting the bottom oval and slightly larger than the base of my basket, I sewed a generously wide strip of cloth to the oval and when completely around, sewed up a side seam.  Rolled the top edge (not really needed but can add elastic or a draw string if needed) and zigzagged the edges so it could last.  Washed and rinsed it well and hung up to dry (no dryer.)

not bad... and I can make a second one too!

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for Xmas. I’ll ask her where she got it when she gets up. Oh and I am Canadian too. 

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that is impossible to digest if not at least cracked into small pieces.  Flax is the perfect raw material for bread makers to use in making bread, if ground at least coarse,  and couches where its qualities are unparalleled!

Hard to beat $7.99 on Amazon too