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US source for Manitoba type high strength flour, w=380-400

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US source for Manitoba type high strength flour, w=380-400

Does anyone know of a US source for the Manitoba type high strength flour with a rating of 380-400?

The rating of this flour will put it in the Specialty Flour category with a protein of 14% or higher


Madeline Zargarian


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You'll have to mail order it, but tons of places sell high-gluten flour, including Amazon.

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I get my flours from them.  I think they are wonderful.  Shipping is costly. Imho worth it


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Our Crumb

Sir Lancelot flour from King Arthur is 14% protein.  It's possibly the highest protein flour in wide commerce in the US and probably our best approximation of Italian farina Manitoba.


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I doubt that All Trumps or Kyrol are any weaker.

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Recoil Rob

I live in the northern suburbs of NYC and up in Brewster, NY, about 50 mi from The Bronx, is a restaurant supply company called Ace Endico.

Ace has near 100 different types of flour. I have bought Dakota Maid Organic AP from them, recently KA Sir Galahad, all in 50lb bags for less than $25.

They carry Molino Grassi Manitoba flour, I purchased I think 2 5K bags for about $25. Try restaurant supply house near you.