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Wafers at ice cream parlors

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Janet Yang

Wafers at ice cream parlors

What are the flaky wafers served with ice cream? Round, flat, and separated into wedges. 

Can they be made at home?

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Mini Oven

You will find it easier to make them if you have a press.  Then you can stack them with frosting or glazes between.

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Look up pizelle, krumkake or cookie irons on Amazon.  I just checked but didn't see any that made 4 triangles.  If round is OK there are several options.  We've used our pizelle irons for decades to make Dutch siroop waffles (caramel-filled wafers).  Despite my many cookie books I don't have a recipe for ice cream wafers, but should be easy to find online.  Good luck! 

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As said-pizelles,etc. They require a special iron-kind of like a waffle iron but with flatter irons on it. The dough is simple and can be found easily-just google "ice cream cone recipe" and pick from the options.

Same with the iron.