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Which have more milk fat and milk solid

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Which have more milk fat and milk solid

Hello again everyone. In this topic i'm curious about which have the most milk fat and milk solids per given weight between fresh milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and milk powder. Im talking about full cream milk derivatives.

And if we have found the answer between those four, then why use the other if the one with the most milk fat and solid deliver the best result taste wise.

Thank you for your insight. Cheers. 

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Mini Oven

 combined with powdered milk?  :)


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That's the way I make creamy, rich strawberry ice cream. All that water in the fruit has to be converted to milk with the optimal amount of solids and butterfat. Too much or too little throws off the flavor and/or the mouth feel.  True with bread, too.

It's not about which has the mostest, but which bestest meets the profile you're going for.