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Flours -UK vs. US

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Flours -UK vs. US

I live in California and love to watch British Baking Shows.  I have noticed that, I'm breadmaking, they are using a product which they call strong flour.  I  realize there are differences,  spelt, etc., but what would be the equivalent flour in the US for "strong flour"??  Thanks, in advance, for responding. Nanzia


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Im pretty sure that the US equivalent is the higher (than all purpose) protein “bread” flour.



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Nanzia, we watch the same program and it's raised a few questions too.  Check out the Irish and Australian versions on YouTube.

The links provided don't show what to substitute for UK self-raising flour ( is it the same as US?).  The UK shows seem to use it a lot.  I'm old enough to have cookbooks from the past few decades that use it, but I never did and haven't seen it in a grocery store here in years.  Always looked up the flour/leavening option.  Thanks!