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So, I made cornbread. Well, sort of. I made Reinhart's cornbread. It's not exactly what I was expecting for cornbread so I was a little disapointed, not to say it wasn't good, but I don't really consider it very good "cornbread".

Why you ask? Bacon. The bacon dominates the flavors. So much so that the corn is more of a side kick to the bacon flavor. Also, I guess I'm not a very big fan of buttermilk. Milk that smells like sour cream actually made me gag a little when I first opened it. I almost dumped it down the drain, thinking it had gone bad. But then a little research told me it is supposed to smell like that.

Next time, no bacon and whole milk to soak the polenta. I guess that's how it goes. Get a good starting point and mix to suit your tastes.


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My SO is the cornbread baker in our household while I do the other baking.

 She bakes her cornbread in a cast iron skillet and uses bacon grease to grease the skillet.  She does not incorporate any of it IN the batter.  It makes a nice cripsy crust.


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I'm with you both on that; I liked Reinhart's cornbread, but didn't make it with bacon more than once, it was just too much. On the other hand, I would never make any cornbread without greasing the pan with bacon grease. Doesn't really taste, just makes a good crust.

I don't know about the buttermilk thing; I had to use soymilk, and I can't say I thought it improved the recipe any, but then I don't think soymilk really improves much of anything...

Do try again though, it works well without the bacon!


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Well, I love PR's version of cornbread..sorta.. I never put the bacon in..I don't care for bacon. I do love buttermilk, though! The taste and texture is excellent. It's moist, not crumbly, has great corn flavor. Hey, if you don't like an ingredient..leave it out or substitute. Make it your own..that's what's so cool about cooking/ are your own chef!