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Dill and Black Garlic Sourdough

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Dill and Black Garlic Sourdough

I tried to use some fresh dill from the garden. My idea was to roast few cloves of garlic, but at the time of mixing I realized that I had forgotten to roast them. So I decided to use few cloves of black garlic that I had available around here. The following were the ingredients

86 g levain (whole wheat at 100% hydration)

30 g semolina

100 g blended whole grain berries (60 g whole wheat + 40 g rye)

167 g bread flour

174 g water

4 g salt

Handful dill

5 black garlic cloves - chopped


Dissolved the levain in water, added all the flour and mixed into a shaggy mass. Waited for 30 min to add salt, dill and black garlic, kneaded for 1 min to incorporate. Applied 3 to 4 stretches and folds at 20 ~ 30 min intervals. Bulk fermented for about 5 hours, shaped and stored in the fridge for another 5 hours. Baked at 230C for 35 min with lid on + 3 min with lid off (oven and pot were preheated). 

The loaf bloomed OK, the crust is crispy and the crumb moist as expected. The fresh dill has pretty much disappeared while the black garlic can still be seen. The texture is similar to adding raisins or cranberries. However, I think the black garlic made the flavor quite savory. I still want to fine tune and use roasted garlic to make things a bit more subtle.




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I agree though, that roasting the garlic will be better as it will impart a much sweeter flavor as raw garlic can be bitter or sharp.  You may want to dry the dill before adding it next time if you want it to show up in the crumb.

Happy Baking.


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Hello Ian,

Thanks for the suggestions on using dry dill. I will try it sometime.

The garlic loses sharpness after being heated over several weeks in order to become black garlic. It goes through some Maillard reaction according to Wikipedia. The black garlic tastes sweet with some balsamic notes.


P.S.: But in bread I felt the black garlic was overpowering