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Getting a grain mill - suggestions for recipes and grains to start out with?

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Getting a grain mill - suggestions for recipes and grains to start out with?

Just learned I'll be getting a KA KGM grain mill as a holiday gift.

I know this is a subjective question, but can you suggest recipes that really highlight the taste difference from using freshly milled flour instead of store bought? I'm interested in both yeasted breads and baked goods.

I haven't purchased any grains yet, so suggestions on the best type(s) to start out would be much appreciated too.

One other question: does the age of the grains matter? Should I be looking for grain from the most recent harvest, or is anything within a few years going to be the same?





PS I see there are a few past threads here mentioning this KA grain mill. I'll definitely be studying those for tip and tricks!

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I think that no matter the recipe, you will enjoy the taste of fresh milled flour.  If you want to stick to wheat berries, you have a few choices.  If you like the grassy taste, you might like Hard Red Spring Wheat.  If you want a more neutral taste, you can start with Winter White wheat.  You can also make you bread from a combination of both , the more red wheat, the stronger the taste, the more white wheat, the more neutral the taste.  Others have experimented with Kamut,  Spelt, and other berries, but I have done very little of that, and have spent more time working on the recipe and the process.  

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Thanks Barry!

I've seen a few people mention the grassy taste. I guess I'll just have to try it myself to understand. Brings up memories of eating some grass from the lawn as a child to see what it tasted like!

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Truth Serum

grinding your own Buckwheat flour adds a great flavor.