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Kamut & Prairie Gold Pita

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Kamut & Prairie Gold Pita

40% Kamut berries

40% Prairie Gold berries (Wheat Montana)

20% KAF Bread Flour

1 tsp instant yeast

1/2 cup yogurt

Generous amount of EVOO


Danni3ll3's picture

Those look sooo good! Love the accompaniments too!

crustncrumb's picture

Thanks Dannielle.  Kamut is my new favorite grain.

Elsie_iu's picture

Are those falafel or meatballs? Either way, they look really tasty!

There's a Greek-inspired loaf baking in my oven too:)

crustncrumb's picture

Those are falafels.  We used Trader Joe's mix to make those.  Hummus was made from scratch by my wife.

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Edo Bread

Perfect beautiful foods.