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using up leftovers after feeding wild yeast starter

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using up leftovers after feeding wild yeast starter

Cheese Pinwheels made with Baking Powder Biscuit Dough

cheese pinwheels © ejm January 2008

It has been driving me crazy to just throw away the leftovers after feeding our wild yeast starter. Especially as it seems to be in perfectly good condition. I know it's just a couple of tablespoons of flour but still it just seems wrong even to compost it. So now, every time I feed the starter, I have been adding whatever is left over to biscuits or muffins or even bread that is made with commercial yeast.

At first, I was just going to make cheese baking powder biscuits. But then I suddenly thought that cheese pinwheels would be fun. I already knew that adding the left over sludge wouldn't disturb the biscuit dough at all. That's one of the great things about baking powder biscuits. They're so forgiving. Well, pretty forgiving, anyway...

cheese pinwheels

There are some hazards to not measuring... perhaps I added a tiny bit too much cheese. See how it exploded out of the pinwheels in the baking.

Because there was plenty of cheese, these biscuits didn't need any butter, although a little butter was good too. Wheee! So much for adding olive oil instead of lard or shortening to the dough to make the biscuits better for us....

Here is what I did to make the pinwheels:


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The cheese pinwheels look delicious, I will try that next time I refresh my starter. But my question is, do you put your leftovers in the compost? I also have been throwing away the half amount of starter from the feeding mode (yikes!) or we have a lot of sourdough pancakes.

My compost would probably love a little yeast-and-flour food.   Anet

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I have been known to compost the leftovers, Anet. I figure that as long as it doesn't have salt, it should be okay.


But it has been ages since I've thrown any of the leftover sludge away. (We have LOTS of muffins in the freezer.)