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Spelt and Rye problems

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Matt Kronschnabel

Spelt and Rye problems




so I came across a couple of sad baking days. 


Here was the formula

10% spelt

10% whole rye

10% whole fife

70% sifted wheat

85% Hydration

2% salt

15% levain


4.5hr bulk ferment

14-18hr retard in fridge


This was my first time adding spelt to this mixture, otherwise I would just do 80% sifted wheat. The results at first glance were great- take a look at the photos- but upon further inspection the interior had a texture actually of being 'underbaked' and almost dough-y gummy. 


I know they were not 'underbaked' but can anyone help explain this phenomena? has this happened to you when using spelt & rye together?

I did this two days in a row because by the time I had found out from tuesdays bake I had already started wednesdays bake. They both had the same result. 

Thanks for the help!

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It may be that you just cut into them too quickly. Ive taken courses from Hamelman and he advises not cutting rye breads for a day or two! Or more! He says they need time for the moisture to equilibrate.

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Mini Oven

reduce to 80% and compare.  :)

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I don't know if you have already figured out what happened, but I've had similar textures when the majority of the formula was white flour and going past 80% hydration. Hope it helps!.