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Need Barley Malt source

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Need Barley Malt source

I have been using barley malt syrup as my main sweetener for bread and granola. I normally buy a 20 oz bottle made by Eden at the store for around $5.00. I tried to find a source that sells it in bulk and the best thing I came up with is homebrew stores which sell malt syrup for about $3.00 per pound. They generally sell three different grades: pale, amber and dark. I am thinking amber might be closest to the Eden syrup. Does anybody know if the homebrew stuff would be a suitable replacement for the Eden syrup?

 Thanks - Joel

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I also use the Eden brand.  You should go onto their website and read how they make this.  Theirs is organic and processed in a high quality manner.  Others cannot compare and some use MSG in their processing.  I highly reccommend just about all of their products.  They really are in the top of the health food industry for quality.  I have spoken with individuals that have visited their factories and have only good things to say about them.  Most people would not want to eat what they see goes on  in the majority of food factories. 

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I pay about $9 for 1.5kg (3.3 lb = 53oz) of amber malt syrup from my local homebrew store and use it whenever the formula calls for malt syrup (bagels, vienna white) or when I want a deeper-colored crust. I keep it in the back of the fridge in a sealed plastic container -- keeps indefinitely and works just fine.