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Multigrain loaf a la dmsnyder

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Multigrain loaf a la dmsnyder

I thought I would more seriously document my bread-making on this site, so I have a history that I and others can learn from. Today I baked a formula that dmsnyder posted in August using using the technique that is used in Myhrvold’s bread encyclopedia. I did the autolyse step with all but the salt (including the leaving that I made the previous day), and then I machine mixed the ingredients until medium gluten development.  I then did 2 folds over  2 1/2 hours, and then pretty much followed David’s formula. I baked the loaves in the cast iron pot, covered for 45 minutes and then uncovered for an additional 10. For the first loaf I had set my oven to 500, reducing it to 470 when the bread went into the oven; for the second, I just left the oven at 470 the whole time. I think I prefer the second one.

i feel that this was a great success. It did not rise very high, but after all it is 40% whole grain. The taste and texture was really nice. I may play with this formula some time adding seeds and/or dried fruit some time. It is a really nice formula. Thank you, David.

 My scoring could use some improvement (not as lovely as David’s), but the taste makes up for it, I feel!


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This is a delicious bread. I'm glad you agree. 

I'm not sure your "problem" is scoring. I think your loaves show some signs of over-proofing.


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I agree with proofing being the main area to consider attending to...