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Kefir Whey Boule

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Bred Maverick

Kefir Whey Boule

 Flavorful, complex Boule

 324 g  kefir whey

325 g all purpose flour

150 g whole wheat flour

25 g whole-grain rye

 1/2 tsp Instant yeast

10 g sea salt

 6:00 pm. mix all the ingredients by hand or in a mixer several hours to prove

10 PM, shaping into tight boule, place seam side up in well floured cloth lined basket. Refrigerate within larger plastic bag

 Next morning

Preheat cast iron skillet and cast iron loaf pan (For steaming) in 475 oven

 Turn over refrigerated boule, dust with more flour and score design

 Carefully place scored Boule in hot skillet and add boiling water into cast iron loaf pan. Lower heat to 450°

after five minutes cover with pot cover.

bake 20 minutes

remove cover. Lower temperature to 425  and continue breaking 10 more minutes. 





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how did the crumb turn out?


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Bred Maverick

I took a picture of it, but I’m having a very hard time getting the photos downloaded. I go through all the steps, but there is no place to click “finish” and I lose the photo each time.