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Bread & Bake Noob with Breadmaker and latest stuff

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Bread & Bake Noob with Breadmaker and latest stuff

Hi, totally new to TFL ..   I have only been using my Westbend since about Feb, totally committed to not buying store bread.  However, stopped making bread when Summer got hot.    So far I mainly use the breadmaker for mixing bread, and pizza dough, and made my 1st cinnamon rolls (see below) a couple days ago.

I thought I would share my 2 latest bakes:

The Westbend

I have only made 2 loaves allowing the Breadmaker to do the loaf start to finish.  Instead, I mainly use the Westbend for a mixer and 1st &  2nd proof, the 3rd proof I remove the dough and shape place in a Wilton 9.25x5.25 non-stick loaf pan.  Then finish in the oven.

cheerios bread   

The 1st loaf is my normal recipe with bread flour and whole wheat.

2nd & 3rd image is cheerios bread, lol, I was out of both bread and whole wheat flour, so use AP flour and for the whole wheat, ground up some Cheerios Honey Nut cereal.

This was 1st loaf I made with AP, and the crumb was very light and airy.  Almost too light if sliced still warm about 30-40 min after baking.  However after day 1/2 on the counter, sliced end down on breadboard, the crust firmed up and some of the moisture escaped from inside.  I then bagged in a plastic bread bag, and the texture was perfect a few hours later.

If anyone wants the recipe I use, I can post, these are 4 cup flour size.

In a few minutes, I am starting a loaf, however, I am still out of bread flour, out of wheat, and now out of cheerios.  LoL. I use the whole wheat for flavor,  so I am going to try toasting some left over bread thin slice and brushed with evoo and toasted in oven very lightly.  Will grind that up and see what the flavors are like.. lol

Cinnamon Rolls...

Gosh, I really been wanting to do this for some time but wasn't looking forward to the time necessary for the 1st attempt.  Finally took the plunge.  I love cinnamon rolls, (who doesn't), and usually get one every Sunday from the local donut shop.  My Goal was to get close in appearance & taste, and size, of a donut shop cinnamon roll as they are here in my area.  Since most Donut Shop cinnamon rolls are cooked in oil, I wasn't going to get the outer texture or even the initial flavor.  of an oil cooked cinnamon roll

  Donut Shop Cinnamon Roll



the Appearance is ok.  The texture was ok, some might think this was too brown thus firm outside texture, but they are soft, the inside was airy and ok,  I want to try for airier and lighter.  Sorry no pics of inside, next batch...

I needed more cinnamon and brown sugar inner coating. I think the amount used in the recipe was normal, but IMHO, since the taste is going to be slightly different that a Donut Shop cin.roll, then I want the first noticeable flavor to be cinnamon and brown sugar.  Most homemade cin rolls the 1st thing one is hit with is heavy icing almost cake like.  You can see I went for a lighter glaze, I am not a big fan of heavy icing, its just overpowering sugar.  The size is about right 5-6 inch.   The next day, after 15 sec in microwave these were YUM still.  Not sure the best way to keep overnight.  I left them on wax paper on the tray, cover with plastic cover for these baking trays  I doubt that it is airtight.

The recipe for the size cin roll produces 12 cin rolls.  I want to make the dough the night before and cook next morning 1/2 the dough.  The recipe I used is standard proof initial dough ball till double in size,  roll out add cinnamon & brown sugar and butter, cut and shape, proof then bake.

Which would be the best method to retain flavor.

1. make dough and bulk 1st proof in fridge overnight. next day separate 1/2, other half stays in fridge. (if this method recommended, should I reduce yeast amount, similar to no-knead dough where slow proof is used.

2. make dough divide dough proof both halves in fridge overnight, use half the next day.

3. make dough proof till dbl in size, roll out , cut and shape, do 2nd rise of cut n shaped dough in fridge overnight.

your help appreciated

Anyone wanting the recipe and procedures, ask I will post.





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You can do any of those methods for your cinnamon rolls-which look absolutely delicious,BTW. The method you choose may depend on refrigerator space and your time available.

1. You can take the dough all the way through bulk ferment, shape and to final proof and then refrigerate/freeze the formed rolls (well covered) over night (make sure your refrigerator really IS cold.) An hour on the counter the next morning and then bake. I have heard some even go from freezer to oven.  OR 

2. You can mix the dough (do not bulk ferment) and then refrigerate overnight, take out and bulk ferment the rest of the way the next day (it usually raises some of the way in the refrigerator) , shape, final proof and bake. 

3. Make the dough through bulk ferment and punch down. Refrigerate overnight and the next morning shape the cold dough  into rolls,final proof, bake. Prevent them from drying as they proof.

All methods work-it just depends on where you want to spend time. Flavor is developed in the dough on bulk fermentation and retarding with cold can improve flavor.

So it looks like it is time for some experimentation! Have some delicious fun!


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Thank you clazar123 for the reply.

I will try in a day or two, creating dough 1st proof, then shape, refrigerate 1/2 the batch and other half 2nd rise then bake same day.

will post results