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Supplier for bakery items

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Matt Kronschnabel

Supplier for bakery items

Hey wondering if anyone recommends a specific supplier/website for bakery items like Bannetons, couche's, cambro's...etc





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G. Marie

Hi Matt!

I've bought bannetons from The Lucky Clover Trading Co. They aren't the highest quality but the price was good. As for the other things I can't be much help.

On a side note have you heard of the Bread Bakers Guild of America? I joined them a few months ago and there is a wealth of information including formulas and other info. They also have a Yahoo group where you'd get to ask/search your questions to other bakery owners.

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If in Europe, there's le meilleur du chef that seems to have pretty good prices; not sure about shipping costs, though.

Enjoy your new tools!


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Amazon is great. $11 for a 10-inch banneton and liner? Yes, please. I've gotten my couche from Amazon too. 

My local restaurant supply store doesn't have much for bread/baking supplies.

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bikeprof is the place that all the professional bakers I know use for most supplies...I do to.

For cheap bannetons, I use these (and so do a number of other bakers I know):

For liners, I use the oval ones from

For bread boards and peels, Lillsun is the place to go.

For couches, definitely get these from SFBI (I like their lames as well):

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Pleasant Hill Grain offers a variety of quality artisan bread baking supplies, as well as grain mills, stone ovens, stand mixers and GMO-free grain.