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anyone a good baked pretzel recipe?

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anyone a good baked pretzel recipe?

just wondering if anyone has any good baked pretzel recipes...would be much appreciated thanks

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Mini Oven

low hydration dough.  One that will be stiff enough to hold its shape in a lye bath.  Start around 50% hydration with AP wheat flour.

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510g flour

12.6 g salt

6.6g malted barley flour or brown sugar (I have found no difference in taste or handling)

9.6 g idy

18 g softened butter

288 g water

Mix, let rest 10 mins. Divide, preshape, let rest 10 mins. shape into pretzels , place on parchment, place into fridge for 30 minutes up to a couple hours.

dip in a lye bath at 3% dilution (ie 1000g water and 30g lye salt)

bake at 425 on a stone for 11-15 minutes


This is what I do at my bakery and I have cross checked it with various German recipes and videos, and can verify fhat it is within the parameters of authentic. Produces very good results, and approx 3 large pretzels (which is about 12 normal person pretzels).