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My 2nd Bake - Five Seed Sourdough - Tartine Style

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My 2nd Bake - Five Seed Sourdough - Tartine Style

Hey thefreshloaf! It's my first ever post. I followed this recipe from Fat Sourdough on YouTube. It's my second time baking sourdough - I've been using my boyfriends un-bleached white starter which is a few months old now.  I'm very proud of how it came out! 


The dough:

  • 150g semolina
  • 70g buckwheat flour or wholewheat
  • 660g bread flour
  • 135g sourdough starter
  • 700g water 

Seed mix:

  • 40g flaxseeds
  • 17g fennel
  • 20g toasted sesame
  • 20g poppy seeds
  • 55g sunflower seeds
  • 21g salt
  • 120g hot water

p.s. I did have to sub the sunflower seeds for hemp seeds because we didn't have any. Still very delicious! 


Thanks for looking! :) 


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Tyler Dean

Beautiful bread, astonishing! Such an even crumb structure. Well done. Hemp seeds beat sunflower seeds any day!

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Thank you so very much <3 I learn from the best ;) 

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Tyler Dean

And the ear, maybe you can't see it from these angles so well but an ear on your SECOND loaf. Some people make 100 loaves before they get an ear. Congrats

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That is an absolutely lovely loaf. Welcome to this wonderful place. You're gonna like it here.

Enjoy the bread!


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Why thank you! I hope you'll enjoy my future posts as well! Getting ready to put up my first bake and have another unique recipe in mind for my next loaf.. I just need to buy one more ingredient!! 

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Lucy hasn't been the same since Karin got her hooked on hemp seeds!  They remind of bad dope in the 6;s and 70's - Seeds had taste and flavor but nothing good grows from them:-)  Well done!

Welcome and happy baking

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Teehee! That is too funny. I'm honored by your words, thank you!! I've found some really amazing and unique ideas for my next bake and I'm very excited to share them all. I hope you'll enjoy them as well! Getting ready to post my first bake now :)

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This loaf is fabulous! Congrats