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Spiral Mixer Capacity Max/Min

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Spiral Mixer Capacity Max/Min

Hi guys, sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything on it. 

I'm upgrading to a fairly large spiral mixer for my Bakery and wondering how flexible they are with quantities. 

I'm looking at Kemper 75 and 125 which are rated for 120kg and 200kg of dough respectively. 

Currently we rarely need batches over 100kg but I expect this to change soon.

So I'm wondering if it is realistic to expect to be able to mix the rated amount at about 75℅ hydration and also what is the minimum that such a mixer could handle?

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David Esq.

The manual will tell you the minimum amount of flour that the mixer will handle.  I'd also ask the manufacturer directly, but would think the higher hydration dough as long as it falls within the weight limits would not present a problem so long as the minimum flour is being used.

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My little (domestic) Grilletta IM5 has a max cap of 3kg flour/5kg dough.

I often mix dough using 600g flour and have no problems, so I'd expect at least a similar turn-down ratio for the Kemper. It has the all important breaker bar which stops the dough climbing up the spiral when mixing small quantities.

Some spiral mixers, such as the Haussler Alpha, don't have a breaker bar and struggle with small amounts, from what I've read.